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  1. Stacey Kym says:

    Dear Laurie,

    I recieved your novel Ignited on Netgalley a while ago to read and review. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that it was the second book in the Unclaimed series. Would I be somehow able to receive an ARC or free copy of Unclaimed so that I may be able to read Ignited? I’m really eager to read and review.
    If you’d like to check out some of my reviews, please feel free to visit my website! 🙂


    • lauriewetzel says:

      Hi Stacey,
      I would be happy to send you a copy of Unclaimed for review. I will email you shortly to see which format you would prefer.

      Thank you,

  2. Crystal says:

    Omg when is the next book coming? So good! Thank you!

    • lauriewetzel says:

      Great question, Crystal! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. I’m finishing up a few scenes in book 3 and then I will begin publishing it. Once I know the release date, I will share it here and on my other sites 🙂

      Thanks and happy reading,

  3. Kallie says:

    I just finished Unclaimed (I read about 350 pages yesterday in order to finish) and I loved it! I told my friend she needed to read it because I think she would really enjoy it! Another thing I found interesting was the setting for the book. It takes place in Mankato, which is about 40 miles from where I live. Many books I’ve read take place in big cities and states I’m not familiar with, but it was cool to read a book so close to home! Overall, I really enjoyed the book and hopefully I will be able to get the second book soon!

    • lauriewetzel says:

      Hi Kallie,
      I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Unclaimed. Since it’s the first story I published, and the one that started this journey, it will always be very dear to me. Thank you very much for recommending the book to your friend; that’s very kind of you. Mankato is a wonderful town. I spent many years running and seeking solitude at the parks Maddy frequents. And I still love eating at Grizzlys, I mean Kodiaks 😉


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