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With my health slowly improving after my cancer came back last year, one of my goals for this year was to do more book events. I missed them. I missed meeting readers and fellow authors and talking books and fandoms and just in general, getting my geek on.

The Empire has a new ruler

Last year I did my first ever con event in Rochester, MN called NerdinOut Con and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! So when the lovely Kimberlee Ann Bastian (sister author from Wise Ink) asked if I wanted to join her and another Wise Ink sister Tabitha Lord and a non-Wise Ink author but still really cool Christopher Schmitz at Planet Comicon 3/29-3/31, I was all in.

Planet Comicon was celebrating their 20th anniversary so we knew it was going to be epic and the weekend did not disappoint! There were so many memorable moments. The five of us (Chris brought his friend Shane along who was super cool too) all stayed at this airbnb which felt a bit like summer camp but that only added to the fun. The weekend started off with the great elevator/credential debate from day one which started to feel like the Who’s on first gag.

arrived to set up, but none of the elevators are working. Need credentials to get in, but they are on level 3, which you can’t get to without credentials or the elevator…

Day two brought us trapped by trains and snoring wolverine started day three. I’m pretty sure we will be laughing about these jokes for years to come.

We chatted with tons of lovely readers, some of which are new to the mailing list (hello again!), enjoyed all the cosplayers (seriously some of you guys and gals were amazing!!!),

networked with fellow authors and cover designers, and went a little starstruck over the celebs in celebrity row.

There was one negative to the weekend and that is the disappearance of Unclaimed ebook version on Amazon which is still unresolved as of today. After speaking with several other authors, I discovered that some of their ebooks have also disappeared so it is not isolated to just my book, though no one has any clear answers as to why they are gone. Not sure if we need to call in Sherlock or the Scooby gang, but somebody needs to solve this!

I have many more pictures from the con on my Instagram site if you want to check it out. I am taking the next few months off from events to focus on finishing the edits for Unclaimed 3. In the fall I plan to do more conventions.

Stay tuned for updates on book three including the cover reveal, and release date!!



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