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Hello lovely readers!!

I have made some changes to the website that I hope you will love. The most important are the progress bars! These little gems are to help you know what is happening with my books! Unclaimed 3 is at the top and unfortunately it’s behind schedule. SORRY! I just wasn’t happy with it and I didn’t want to rush it and publish it anyway. I knew if I didn’t like it, you’d hate it!

Supernatural (we have gifs for everything)

Once I finish revising it, it will move on to my editor. While it may not seem like there is much left on it, the progress bar didn’t have an option for “fixing what sucks” so I had to settle for a word count which isn’t very accurate.

The other two books are among the many that are clambering to be let out of my mind.

They are very anxious to meet you!


Don’t forget to check out the latest books I’m reading in the Reader’s Corner! There are two really great ones I think you’ll enjoy.



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