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Comment if you dare



This site is precious to me. This is an extra step that I choose to do to help bridge the gap between me and my lovely readers. I recently renovated it, adding features and doing what I can to make it simple and user friendly. It’s new to you. It’s new to me. And when things are new, they’re exciting and I have so many more ideas for this site that I hope to roll out soon.





But before the newness had a chance to fade, they came.

They found me. They came in droves, like mindless zombies coming to kill or infect everything they touch.

Who are they, you ask.

An awful, evil little lot known as


Ugh. They are everywhere like ants at a picnic. Commenting their nonsense on every available surface. Thankfully it’s all behind the scenes so you don’t have to see it unless I approve it. But the stuff they come up with…

This site is awesome! (okay, biased here, but that’s probably true) Your articles have helped me immensely. You’ve saved me many hours of research.

My articles as in the free chapters of my books or my greeting???

Your site is fantastic!
Who is your host?
What theme are you using?
What is your RSS feed?

Umm, no. If someone truly wanted to know these questions to help build their site, that’s different. But the authors of these comments have posted other spam-messages too.

Others are almost book-length and change languages several times within that comment.

But the funniest one I found when I gave over 600 of them the ax the other day is this jewel:

 Doh! I was domain name searching at and went to type
in the domain name: and guess who already had it?

That’s right. I do. I mean, it is my name and my book. Silly me.

Some people.

Don’t get me wrong though. I enjoy looking through comments when they’re actual comments from you. My lovely readers.

You all put a smile on my face 🙂

Plus, now that I’m currently working on the third and fourth books in the Unclaimed Series, your comments and reviews are helping me. There are some things you guys ask that I think are better answered by the characters so I have actually added a few things in to the third book to help clear away any misconceptions that some readers are getting that others aren’t. So please, keep commenting and reviewing.

As for the spammers…

Look, it’s not personal. It’s you, not me. I know you’re not going to read this. You haven’t actually read anything you’ve commented on yet. But I don’t care. This is my site. These are my readers. And you’re done. I’ve upgraded my anti-spam protection so that is the last of you. You won’t be missed. Goodbye!

Now back to writing 🙂



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