Hello again!

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Hello again!



I apologize to those of you who have visited the site recently for updates on me and my books. There was a little snag in renewing my site that ended up deleting everything.


As you can see though, I still have my wonderful gifs and memes, so all is not lost 😉

Is it a bummer that all those fun memories are gone? Yes. But it’s okay. There are so many more wonderful experiences coming up that I want to share with you and now I have a pretty new site to do it on!


So please, lovely readers, explore the new site. It has fantastic new features like an events calendar (check out the event on 8/10!), an email system so we can better stay in touch, and even a shop where you can buy signed books and limited edition items directly from me! There will be some sales coming up as we approach Ignited’s release that will only be available on this site, too.

If there are things you liked from the old one and wished were here, please let me know and I will see if I can find them in my files. With the comments and replies fixed, I should be able to message you back now!

After watching several hours of tutorials on how to create this wonderful space, I’m signing off to relax with a show of some sort 😉



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